“avant-garde, but avant-garde with a commitment to communicate with the public without the usual pretentiousness that one finds with new music ensembles”

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Always curious, crispy playfulness from the North

Curiouseries 2016 #1

If the embassy’s walls could talk...

March 31st, 2016

20h00 Ambassaden, AARHUS

Henrik Denerin (SE): new work*

Malin Bång (SE): Split Rudder

Tomi Räisänen (FI): Stheno

Maurizio Pisati (IT): Habergeiss

Rei Munakata (JP/SE): Tsutsu

Salvatore Sciarrino (IT): Con brio from Sei Capricci

For the first of chamber music series, Curiouseries 2016, CCP returns to the hometown of our guitarist, Frederik Munk Larsen. We explores the possibilities of contemporary chamber music genre throughout the year. Through the walls of historical building, “Ambassaden”, we will resonate a new work by Henrik Denerin.

Dries Tack/clarinet, Frederik Munk Larsen/guitar, Karin Hellqvist/violin, Malin Bång/electronics, Rei Munakata/object


Welcome to Curious Chamber Players!

Curiouseries 2016 #2


April 21st, 2016

InterArt Center, MALMÖ

Alessandro Perini (IT): new work*

Lina Tonia (GR): Skotos II*

Malin Bång (SE): Hyperoxic

Rei Munakata (JP/SE): Sjömansblock

Hanna Hartman (SE): borderlines

Ida Lundén (SE): Klocka med micro

CCP continues its new music adventure with two world premiere works by Alessandro Perini and Lina Tonia during electronic music festival Intonal in Malmö.

Hannah Törnell Wettermark/flute, Anna Christensson/piano, Malin Bång/object, Rei Munakata/object


Curiouseries 2016 #3


April 26th, 2016

20h00 Sofiagatan, STOCKHOLM

Rei Munakata (JP/SE): Tsutsu II*

Yukiko Watanabe (JP): Nonoji

Alvin Lucier (US): Silver Streetcar for Orchestra

Malin Bång (SE): Hyperoxic

Felipe Waller (MX): Plato Plastic Dialogues

In the third chamber music concert series, CCP focuses on the concept of focused intensity. From zen like tea ceremony to microscopic triangle spectrum, from plastic plates to ballooons, CCP brings you to the sound object world!

Martin Welander/object, Frederik Munk Larsen/guitar, Malin Bång/object, Rei Munakata/object



Nordic Music Days 2016 - Iceland

October 1st, 2016


Simon Steen Andersen (DK): Black Box Music

Malin Bång (SE) / Rei Munakata (SE/JP): Tsutsu / arching

Martin Stauning (DK): Iles en Mer d’Argent


Iceland debut! CCP will collaborate with ensembles Scenatet (DK), Ensemble Adapter (IS), Nordic Affect (IS) to give a whole evening concert of great Nordic music!

Dries Tack/clarinet, Mika Takehara/percussion, Frederik Munk Larsen/guitar, Karin Hellqvist/violin, Karolina Öhman/cello, Rei Munakata/conductor


Special moment in life...

Bludenzer Tage zeitgemäßer Musik

November 19th, 2016

20h00 Remise, Raiffeisenplatz 1, 6700 BLUDENZ

Malin Bång (SE): Palinode

SukJu Na (KR): Ringo*

Hanna Hartman (SE): borderlines

Lisa Streich (SE): Zucker*

Christian Winther Christensen (DK): new work*

Thanks to our friend and the artistic director of Bludenzer Tage zeitgemäßer Musik, Clara Iannotta, CCP are invited to the beautiful mountain of Bludenz, Austria! We will give world premiere performances of works by three of our favorite composers who share their experience of “special moments in life”.

Moa Bromander/flute, Dries Tack/clarinet, Martin Welander/percussion, Anna Christensson/piano, Frederik Munk Larsen, guitar, Karin Hellqvist/violin, My Hellgren/cello, Malin Bång/object, Rei Munakata/conductor


Curiouseries 2016 #4

AFEKT Festival

October 24th, 2016

19h00 Tartu Linnamuuseum, TARTU

Malin Bång (SE): Split Rudder II*

Ann Cleare (IE): Inner

Michael Jarrell (CH): Assonance III

Nicolai Worsaae (DK): Canticum in vitro*

Age Veeroos (EE): Sul tasto

Rei Munakata (JP/SE): Shiomidai Dream II*

CCP returns to Estonia to share a newly named festival (formerly Estonian Composers Festival) with many other world famous contemporary music ensembles!

Dries Tack/clarinet, Anna Christensson/piano, Karolina Öhman/cello, Rei Munakata/object, Nicolai Worsaae/object, Malin Bång/object and electr.


Composition workshop

Bludenzer Tage zeitgemäßer Musik

November 20th, 2016

11h00 Remise, Raiffeisenplatz 1, 6700 BLUDENZ

Yukiko Watanabe (JP): Clockwork

John Pax (AU): new work*

Erika Vega (MX): new work*

Carolyn Chen (US): new work*

Maria Misael Gaucht (AR): new work*

After an intense discussion, composition workshop competition 2016 has proudly selected the above works. Together with the composers, we will experiment new sound and explore different interpretation and possibility. ThIS is all about Curious Chamber Players!!!

Dries Tack/clarinet, Martin Welander/percussion, Anna Christensson/piano, Frederik Munk Larsen, guitar, Karin Hellqvist/violin, My Hellgren/cello, Rei Munakata/conductor


Other upcoming events:

February 7th, 2017 Hearing Metropolis, BARCELONA

April 8th, 2017 Kudzu, COLOGNE

2017 Malin Bång portrait CD recording project

more detail coming soon!