“avant-garde, but avant-garde with a commitment to communicate with the public without the usual pretentiousness that one finds with new music ensembles”

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Ultraschall Festival

Malin Bång Portrait

January 24th 2014

21h00 Heber am Ufer HAU2, BERLIN

Malin Bång: Structures of Molten Light

Malin Bång: Turbid Motion

Malin Bång: Split Rudder

Malin Bång: Purfling

Malin Bång: How Long is Now

Collaboration with DAAD (German Academic Exchange) and Deutchlandradio Kultur, CCP gives a portrait concert of DAAD stipendier and our composer in residence, Malin Bång. The concert is highlighted with interludes of sound objects connected to the city of Berlin and designed by Scenographer Anna Kubelik.

Anna Melander/fl, Dries Tack/cl, Martin Welander/perc, Magdalena Meitzner/perc, Anna Christensson/pno, Frederik Munk Larsen/guit, Karin Hellqvist/vln, Karolina Öhman/vlc, Rei Munakata/dir, Anna Kubelik/scen



Nordic Darkness and Light in Paris

February 14th 2014

19h30 Centre Culturel Suédois, PARIS

Malin Bång: Structures of Molten Light

Rei Munakata: Shjo

Mauricio Rodriguez: Gotlhar

Ylva Lund Bergner: aq-v-le

Henrik Strindberg: Femte Strängen

The geographical extremes of Europe have provided the arts with numerous reference points, especially in the North.  The theme of the concert are the extremes of winter with its mute darkness and a summer with the sharp, undiluted intensity of the midnight sun. CCP concludes the project Nordic Darkness and Light in one of the most beautiful cities of Europe, Paris!

Anna Melander/fl, Dries Tack/cl, Martin Welander/perc, Anna Christensson/pno, Karin Hellqvist/vln, My Hellgren/vlc, Malin Bång/obj, Rei Munakata/dir



Curious Chamber Players

Ulysses Network Project

Young Ensemble in Residency

CCP is selected as the young ensemble in residence during 2013 and 2014 for an European project, Ulysses Network. The residency involves possibilities for extensive rehearsals and artistic cooperation with international composers and musicians in important contemporary music festival such as IMPULS, Viitasaari, and Gaudeamus. Thought the network, CCP also return to Internationales Musikinstitut Darmstadt during the summer of 2014.



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Upcoming events and concerts


Valais and Winterthurer in Switzerland

June 7th and 8th


Program TBA

CCP will make the Swiss debut in two different contemporary music festivals in Switzerland!


Darmstädter Ferienkurse

Urban Ears Abroad

August 5th (if rains) or 6th 2014

Orangerie, DARMSTADT

Malin Bång: new work

Hikari Kiyama: new work

Ann Cleare: new work

Hanna Hartman: Shadow Box

Simon Løffler: b

Marianthi Papalexandri-Alessandri: Operator

After the success in the same festival two years ago, CCP returns to one of the world’s most important new music festival. As the part of the concert theme, composers Malin Bång, Hikari Kiyama, and Ann Cleare are commissioned to create works based on the cities they currently reside by using sound objects that can be found in their particular cities.

Anna Melander/fl, Hannah Törnell Wettermark/fl, Dries Tack/cl, Per Sjögren/perc, Anna Christensson/pno, Frederik Munk Larsen/guit, Karin Hellqvist/vln, My Hellgren/vlc, Karolina Öhman/vlc, Rei Munakata/dir, Malin Bång /obj


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