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Dries Tack

clarinet | object

Why Dries Tack started playing the clarinet is still a mystery. Perhaps due to his parents' attempt and effort to get him off from the streets. Nevertheless, Dries finally started his study at the conservatories of Brussels, Antwerp, and Tilburg.

His fascination for noise and the pleasure of sharing ideas with the others guided him towards his love to chamber music in contemporary experimental music.

As a clarinet and object player, he enjoys playing with the Curious Chamber Players, Ensemble Nadar, and the trio Lambda. Dries is also one of the core members of the chamber music collective 'Odysseia Ensemble'.

As a passionate teacher, he teaches at music academies of Vilvoorde, Schaarbeek, and Grimbergen. 

For the moment, Dries loves running and tries to bake his own bread. It is not edible yet.

Dries Tack: Band Members
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