26 okt. 2019 20:30 | PostX BELGIUM

Belgium Tour 2019 / TOUCH

TOUCH program is an exploration of the power of physicality in music and the consciousness of spatial timing. This is the premiere performance of our brand new program!

Belgium Tour 2019 / TOUCH

Time & Location

PostX BELGIUM Van Goethemstraat 33, 9820 Merelbeke, Belgium

About Event

A hand in the air, searching for the perfect moment, suddenly falls onto the drum skin with the speed of light. And there is a sound. 

Program TOUCH is based on how noise explosion and intensity hit your ears, flesh, and inner soul like a pouring sonic shower. We gathered music that explores different types of physiciality and sensuality in music and auroral perception.

This is the premiere performance of program TOUCH, and is the first time we visit Belgium, the home of our clarinettist Dries Tack. The concert is hosted by PostX and Frederik Croene. 

Malin Bång (SE): Hyperoxic for bcl, 2 object players

Yukiko Watanabe (JP/DE): Nonoji for 3 performers

Marianthi Papalexandri Alexandri (GR): Contact for 3 performers

Vinko Globokar (SL): ?Corporel for one performer

Vinko Globokar (SL): Voix instrumentalisée for bass clarinet

Dries Tack - clarinet and objects

Martin Welander - tomtom, flesh, and objects

Malin Bång - tomtom and objects

Rei Munakata - tomtom and objects



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