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Nordic Darkness and Light

“Polar Light Warning

Sign up at the reception and get an SMS every time the Northern lights show up in or around Kiruna.

1 week – SEK 50
Try out our new pool table…

SEK 100/hour

Please pay at the reception”

Nordic Darkness and Light: Bio

Polar light warning...

The geographical extremes of Europe have provided the arts with numerous reference points - especially the North. Through project Nordic Darkness and Light, Curious Chamber Players focus on the extremes of winter with its mute darkness and of summer with its sharp, undiluted intensity of the midnight sun.
This abstract manifestation of light in sound has led Curious Chamber Players to start an exploration of these conditions together with composers from the world.

Nordic Darkness and Light: About

Mauricio Rodriguez: Gotlhar

Nordic Darkness and Light: Past Events

As a part of the important compositional process, Curious Chamber Players have awarded selected composers a short residency in the "North", and set the composers the challenge of documenting the cultural and climate influences of the Scandinavian North as the concepts and materials of their new compositions. 

Composers and their destinations:

Simon Løffler (DK): Lofoten

Malin Bång (SE): Lofoten

Rei Munakata (JP): Kiruna

Mauricio Rodriguez (MX): Gotland

Joins us to hear how composers interpret the faint Nordic light, the fateful darkness, the smell of dried fish, the crunchy footsteps on powder snow, and loneliness!

Concert program:

Malin Bång (SE): Sculptures of Molten Light (2011)

Rei Munakata (JP/SE): Shjo (2013)

Mauricio Rodriguez (MX): Gotlhar (2010)

Simon Løffler (DK): b (2012)

Christian Winther Christensen: Nachtmusik (2010)

Nordic Darkness and Light: About

Malin Bång: Structures of Molten Light

Nordic Darkness and Light: Past Events
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