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Rei Munakata

conductor | composer | object

Born in Yokohama Japan, Rei Munakata is a conductor and composer in the field of contemporary art music. With his imaginative creativity, experimental curiosity, detailed handcraft, and musical fluidity as the core, Rei Munakata conducts and composes for chamber musicians, ensembles, orchestras, instruments, and sound objects all over the world. 

One of the founding members and the conductor of Stockholm based ensemble Curious Chamber Players since 2003, Rei has led the group to explore new ideas and concert frames through collaborations with creative composers of strong originality. Rei is also the conductor for Ensemble Mimitabu Gothenburg, and has guest conducted numerous ensembles all over the world. Rei is also a passionate educator, and regularly leads and designs instrumental and composition workshops, and teaches chamber music in music universities and conservatories.

Rei composes music for instrumental chamber groups, ensembles, electronic music, sound installations, and various kinds of daily life objects. In his recent works, Rei experiments with the identities of various compositional events and their boundaries. He challenges himself for surreal world of connotation by superimposing his personal memories and life experiences. Rei’s compositions are like musical tailorings with a sense of sartorial elegance, and all his scores are carefully ¨hand sewn¨ with love.

Conducting and composing require patience and effort just like cooking. Rei’s favourite dishes at the moment are: Slow cooked pork belly in Chinese style, lamb shank with white wine, and powerful fried rice. In concerts, Rei often wears navy blue wool suits Riviera from Gaiola Napoli or grey/blue double breasted jacket in virgin wool/cotton from Paoloni.

Rei Munakata
Rei Munakata: Band Members
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