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Malin Bång portrait CD finally released!

Our long waiting portrait CD of our ensemble composer Malin Bång is finally released from NEOS. The stunning CD consists of performances by Curious Chamber Players, Umeduo, and Karin Hellqvist. It is masterly recorded and mixed by Linus Andersson and Tomas Hulenvik at Element Studios Göteobrg.

Release date: June 29, 2018

Malin Bång structures of light and spruce order no.: NEOS 11817 EAN: 4260063118173 released: June 29, 2018 Price: 18.00 €


[01] structures of molten light (2011) 08:05 alto flute, bass clarinet, percussion/radio, piano/radio, guitar, violin, cello

Curious Chamber Players

[02] arching (2013) 11:37 amplified cello and amplified tools (wooden plank, rasp, saw, file, marker), electronics


[03] palinode (2013) 11:07 amplified ensemble of bass flute, bass clarinet, cello and three objects – metal sculpture, vase and swing

Curious Chamber Players

[04] purfling (2012) 11:05 amplified violin and electronics

Karin Hellqvist, violin

[05] jasmonate (2017) 17:56 amplified ensemble of piccolo flute, bass clarinet, percussion/writing pad, inside piano/typewriter, tabletop guitar, violin, cello, two hourglasses

Curious Chamber Players

total playing time: 59:50

World Premiere Recordings

Supported by Kulturrådet Fonogramstöd