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November 21st: Kudzu the Sixth Phrase at Huddersfield Contemporary Music festival!

November 21st


Bates Mill Blending Shed

Colne Road

Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

HD 1 3ER United Kingdom



Malin BÅNG: Kudzu the Sixth Phase

for amplified ensemble, typewriter, plants, hour glasses, raffle lottery drum, and many other objects



Did you know that the plants have existed on earth for 1200 million years and make up 99.7 percent of the biomass of the earth?

According to our ensemble composer, Malin Bång, the world's environmental problems are becoming very severe!

Kudzu - The sixth phase is a 50 minutes long work for amplified instrumental ensemble, typewriter, hour glasses, raffle lottery drum, hair dryer, fan, water fountain, green lawn, and many other objects.

Ohhhh we forgot to make a blog post about our performances in Göteborg (We performed Kudzu in Göteborg Sweden on November 4th twice!). But now we remember to post it!

Don't miss the opportunity to hear Malin Bång, the winner of Donaueschingen Orchestra prize!

Check out the teaser from the past performance of Kudzu!


(Curious Chamber Players in Deutchlandfunk, Cologne)

Curious Chamber Players:

Piccolo – Ann Elkjär Bass clarinet – Dries Tack Percussion – Martin Welander Inside piano – Magdalena Meitzner Guitar – Frederil Munk Larsen Cello – My Hellgren Electronics – Malin Bång Conductor – Rei Munakata Sound tech. – Linus Andersson Light – Anna Wemmert