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Happy new year! And report from our fantastic Japan tour 2018!

Happy new year everyone!

The year 2018 was a great year for Curious Chamber Players, visiting from the northern forest landscape of Lapland to super metropolis Tokyo, interpreting passionate Greek music with a smell of mediterranean sea to extreme silent music from Swedish new conceptualism, and having great time together with all our projects and tours!

Here comes the (late) report of our fantastic Japan tour!

After 10 hours of hearing unforgettable Finnair theme song (realy catchy!) from Helsinki to Tokyo Narita airport, we arrived to the world's most populated city, Tokyo! Happy Martin Welander and My Hellgren together with already-Japanesed Hanah Törnell Wettermark and Sofie Thorsbro Dan.

Despite of the jetlag, we immediately jumped on some fresh scallops, shrimp, and rehearsals on works by our collaborator's, Hideki Kozakura, Haruyuki Suzuki, and Yasunoshin Morita. Thank you for your fantastic music! Hope we collaborate again in the future!

Just before the concert Martin Welander, Rei Munakata, and Sofie Thorsbro Dan stopped by a manga cafe near the concert venue.

The concert in Tokyo took place in a beautiful concert hall, Luthern Ichigaya Concert Hall.

We were greeted by very warm audience with intense listening!

With some happy reception after the concert!

Morita-san carefully analysing (like his well-planned rehearsals) what people should be fed... What do you want from the other table, Malin?

After some food and beer, we pray (Kaminarimon in Asakusa) that no one had too much alcohol for the upcoming concerts and events...

Waiting for the fastest Shinkansen (bullet train), Nozomi! 300 km per hour. Soon we are in Nagoya!

Feeling great after the second concert... Happy and relaxed. Perhaps a little tired?

Concert at Nagoya College of Music! Beautiful concert hall with fantastic acoustics!

Malin Bång and Dries Tack are getting hyper while Frederik Munk Larsen smiles...

More crazy train ride. I hope we did not scare away the other people...