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Soon coming up... our concert ¨Objects of Changes¨ in Stockholm Concert House!

Now we are preparing for our next concert in Stockholm concert house!

Objects of Changes

Ny Fredag concert series

February 15th, 2019


Grünewaldsalen - Konserthuset Stockholm, SWEDEN


Our guest violinist Ylva Larsdotter practicing the musical saw for Marina Poleukhina's In its own tempo under the beautiful Nordic sunlight in Bandhagen scen (our rehearsal venue)!


Malin Bång: palinode

Marina Poleukhina: in its own tempo

Tomi Räisänen: Stheno

SukJu Na: Ringo

Rei Munakata: Buckle in the Air

Ylva Lund Bergner: Euphorbia

Curious Chamber Players:

Hannah Törnell Wettermark - flute

Dries Tack - clarinet

Magdalena Meitzner - percussion

Frederik Munk Larsen - guitar

Ylva Larsdotter - violin

My Hellgren - cello

Rei Munakata - conductor

Malin Bång - composer

More photos and info to come!