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Happy valentines day! Yes, we have a concert tomorrow!

It is fantastic to have a piece of chocolate when we rehearse! Yes, we have a concert tomorrow (February 15th, 20h30) at the Concert House in Stockholm, and we have been intensively preparing our concert program, ¨Objects of Changes¨.

Curious Chamber Players rehearsing Rei Munakata's Buckle in the Air. My Hellgren is the almond soloist!

Objects of Changes

Everyday we associate with different kinds of objects one way or the other. We often have many different types of objects in our concerts. And we love the symbolism and the unexpected noise we discover from non-traditional instruments!

While objects can evoke memory and emotion from the past, they are also capable in creating unique sound/noise with individual identity, characteristics, and personalities. Take a look around: Objects have been patiently and quietly observing, reflecting, and sounding for quite a while now!

Listen carefully to the metal sculpture symbolising the closure of Tacheles art institution in Berlin, the inexpensive PVC pipe describing the fruitful life of the Greek monster, the hissing noise from the lamp shade resembling the deadliness of the poisonous flower in Denmark, the straw and Chinese meditation ball the newly born daughter adores, and the seatbelts representing the drunken passengers on a budget airline. They have witnessed just about everything concerning life and the development of civilisation.

Curious Chamber Players proudly present music involving unique and fun objects that have marked different kinds of transformation in composer's life, nature, and form.


Malin Bång: palinode

Marina Poleukhina: in its own tempo

Tomi Räisänen: Stheno

SukJu Na: Ringo

Rei Munakata: Buckle in the Air

Ylva Lund Bergner: Euphorbia

Curious Chamber Players:

Hannah Törnell Wettermark - flute

Dries Tack - clarinet

Magdalena Meitzner - percussion

Frederik Munk Larsen - guitar

Ylva Larsdotter - violin

My Hellgren - cello

Rei Munakata - conductor

Malin Bång - composer

Magdalena is carefully choosing her weapon to tackle the metal sculpture for Malin Bång's Palinode.

The metal sculpture is created by artist Zeki Turan from the Art House Tacheles in Berlin before it was closed down in 2011.

This is our second time playing in Grünewaldsalen at the Concert House of Stockholm. First time was during Svensk Musikvår festival last year with music by Lisa Streich, Kajsa Antonson, and Sven Åke Johansson among others. The hall is so beautiful with fantastic acoustics. We look forward to going back there again!

Composer SukJu Na from Cologne rehearses and gives instructions for his work, Ringo.

And also we had a nice wine and spaghetti Bolognese together with fantastic parmigiano and pancetta Rei and Malin bought in Cortona. Hope he liked it.

Frederik practicing the Swing. Hopefully his back is okay after all the bendings...