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We loved the Ny Fredag Concert series! Thank you all for coming!

We loved the concert series, Ny Fredag! Such a fantastic experience to perform in the beautiful Grünewaldsalen at the Concert House in Stockholm!

The hall with great acoustics is perfect for this program!

Malin Bång tuning and getting ready with her Swedish Zither for Ylva Lund Bergner's Euphorbia. Euphorbia is a poisoness flower that is portrayed with bike rubber tubes scraping and ebows.

To the right, the beer can, plastic pipe, dobaci, belt, and kalimba symbolise bumpy ride of budget airlines in Rei Munakata's Buckle in the Air.

Dries Tack carefully observing his clarinet reed while Magdalena Meitzner beautifully bowing the tamtam.

During the sound check, our clarinettist Dries Tack got to conduct a little. Very impressive baton technique! Look at him! He looks like Boulez!

Ylva Larsdotter, My Hellgren, and Frederik Munk Larsen getting ready with objects and amplification in Malin Bång's Palinode. Three loud speakers were placed on the stage picking up sound from Shertler contact microphones.

It was so great to have composer SukJu Na with us! We made a version premiere of his work, Ringo. We have given the world premiere of the original version during Bludenz Tage Zeitgemässer Musik in Austria two years ago. He is one of our favourite composers to work with, and we will be performing more pieces by him!

Our allergic flutist Hannah Törnell Wettermark was not able to perform almond eating. So we asked our cellist My Hellgren to be the almond eating soloist. She sat during the entire piece waiting for her time to eat! With the help of amplification (maybe it was a bit too much), My's mouth sounded soooo CRUNCHY!

OK, now we are ready to give an explosive performance! Chatting and relaxing before the concert.

We were a little bit too busy during the performance to take more photos... Next time!

But it was a really fun concert, and we were welcomed by very warm audience with A LOT of applause! So many members of the audience gave us many warm and cheerful feedback. THANK YOU!

We hope to meet you all again soon!