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TOUCH me if you can... Watanabe, Bång, and Globokar

Program TOUCH is all about our experience of physical sensation when we listen to music, how the vivid waves of sound reach our skin, and the emotional vibration from the sound goes through your body.


Yukiko WATANABE: Nonoji for three performers with tomtoms

Malin BÅNG: Hyperoxic for cl and two object players

Vinko GLOBOKAR: Corporel for one performer

Vinko GLOBOKAR: Voix Instrumentalisée for bass clarinet solo

More pieces will be added in the future!

Dries Tack performing Globokar's Voix Instrumentalisée!

As the first edition of the program, we focused on a program with four members of CCP with more rehearsal time than our usual projects in order to deeply get into the music and to physically allow ourselves to be a part of the music itself.

Martin Welander and Malin Bång discussing how to drop the handkerchief on the tomtom for Yukiko Watanabe's Nonoji.

Martin, Malin, and Rei hiding...

Did you find something in the drum???

Rei Munakata's passionate kiss to the snare drum skin...

You look so angry, Malin...

In this project, we used SONY FDR-AX 55 to check our physical movements if we are completely synchronised.

Rei, Malin, Yukiko, and Martin watching the run through.

Careful adjustment of video camera is important!

Martin performing Globokar's Corporel.

The videos will come very soon! Stay tuned!