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New member in Curious! Welcome Sofie Thorsbro Dan!

We are proud to announce our new member: Sofie Thorsbro Dan joining us with her violin and objects!

Sofie has been making appearances in CCP since last year as a guest player. After experiencing her fantastic playing, passionate creativity, and fun personality, all of us were convinced that we should ask her to be a member. And we were relieved that she said yes!

The former winners of many rifle shooting competitions and spicy food lover, Sofie joined the club of CCP tea lovers (Hannah loves black tea and Frederik loves green tea). We also enjoyed very much having her in our Japan tour, where she was full of zen spirit and became the most Japanese among us when we experienced the tea ceremony in Nagoya.

Apart from CCP, Sofie is also a member of the Vienna based ensemble Black Page Orchestra for radical and uncompromising music, and the Austrian based quartet Vierhalbiert specialising in intertwining baroque and contemporary music.

More about Sofie: