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First rehearsal for ECLAT Festival Stuttgart!

Martin working on the cymbal technique!

Finally our intense rehearsal started for ECLAT Festival!

After a long Christmas holiday season, we are so happy to gather again to make music together! Welcome home, Curious!

We have a fantastic program with our new program theme ¨Changing Moment in Life¨. 5 world premiere performances in one concert. What a bargain! :)

We have quite a big setup this time... HELP! :D

Hannah the serious sound engineer! :D

February 8th 2020, 15h30

Stuttgart / Theaterhaus / T3 /

Changing moment in life


Elena Rykova: Leaves in Marble

Wei-Chieh Lin: Silenced. tumult

Timothy McCormack: The Hollow of the Heart


Rei Munakata: Pochan

Hanna Hartman: The Cloud Factory

Malin Bång: Jasmonate