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Photos from ECLAT Festival!

Finally we have completed our project Changing Moment in Life during ECLAT Festival in Stuttgart! And here comes some photos!

Elena Rykova's performance with megaphone and sea shells.

Instruments are always prepared for emergency situation!

Let the clarinet sound go from one timpano to the other! True collaboration!

Requiem to your own identity... Malin and Dries seriously depressing the piano keys.

Changing moment in life can be many things. In this project, each composer was asked to reflect his or her personal experience in life that gave a strong impact to life. We are fortunate to receive very strong and touching compositions from Elena Rykova, Wei-Chieh Lin, Timothy Mccormack, Hanna Hartman, and Rei Munakata!

Media and newspaper are no longer trusted in the composition of Wei-Chieh Lin! Hannah and Anna ripping violently while Sofie gives virtuosic violin cadenza.

Dries Tack making important announcements with his megaphone while My plays the strange part of the cello.

Our soloist Anna Petrini on Contrabass Paetzold recorder in Timothy McCormack's piece, the Hollow of the Heart.

And the true mess came in Rei Munakata's piece Pochan!

Many kilos of soy beans damped on the bass drum! Hannah and Frederik are now working as farmers with their temi basket.

Malin is crying out obsessively... ¨Oka-cha-n¨.

Martin working on Hanna Hartman's new instrument!

Malin Bång's Jasmonate started with magical opening with the hour glasses. And soon we are into the noise world...

Soon there will be videos coming up!!!! Stay tuned!

February 8th 2020, 15h30

Stuttgart / Theaterhaus / T3 /

Changing moment in life


Elena Rykova: Leaves in Marble

Wei-Chieh Lin: Silenced. tumult

Timothy McCormack: The Hollow of the Heart


Rei Munakata: Pochan

Hanna Hartman: The Cloud Factory

Malin Bång: Jasmonate