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Lisa Streich

Special Moment in Life

Special Moment in LIfe: About
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Just like falling love for the first sight, everyone goes through some point in life an instant inspiration or emotional journey from the moment you have encountered a person, an event, or an object.

In this project, selected composers were asked to brain storm and choose a special moment in life that has changed their lives or given strong influence to themselves. The chosen event or happening can be in any kind as long as the composer dares to be as personal as possible.

Special Moment in Life is an ongoing project, and CCP have been developing the project program in several stages according to different events and grants.

First generation

Lisa Streich (SE), Marianthi Papalexandri Alexandri (GR), SukJu Na (KR)

Commissioned by Konstnärsnamnden and Bludenzer Tage zeitgemasser Musik

Second generation

Elena Rykova (RS), Hanna Hartman (SE), Wei Chieh Lin (TW/US)

Commissioned by Kulturrådet

Third generation

Timothy McCormick (US), Rei Munakata (JP/SE)

Commissioned by Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation

Special Moment in LIfe: Bio

Contact for 3 objects

Marianthi Papalexandri Alexandri

After 20 hours of travelling, Greek composer and noise artist Marianthi Papalexandri Alexandri finally reached her new apartment in San Diego. In a totally new culture far away from home, she opened the door, and saw nothing in the apartment. No bed, chair, table, absolutely nothing, followed by loneliness and uncertainty. 

P. Alexandri’s subject for her new work is to pick up what she heard in this empty box, at the corner of the world she has for some reason ended up.

Commissioned by Konstnärsnamnden

Special Moment in LIfe: Band Members
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